Thursday, July 15, 2010

Jude's Birthday Party!

A few Fridays ago, we joined the Burchnall's and other friends at a local park to celebrate Jude's 2nd Birthday!!! We all had a great time! I LOVE the photo above....2 sets of friends from birth hanging out and 2 sets of Sister's hanging out! Danielle is pushing her little sister, Stephanie on the swing and Michaela is pushing her little sister on the swing!!

Stephanie running to see her Mommy, Cristina, who has Madelin on her lap! Dan and Cris are awesome people and great friends of is so fun that we both have girls the same age!!!

Here's the Birthday Boy! Happy 2nd Birthday, Jude!!!

All the little Birthday guests and Birthday boy!!!

Dusty holding Madelin and both getting ready to eat the YUMMY Blueberry Birthday Muffins!!

Looks like they decided to just go for it! I love how Madelin is looking at Dusty like, "Ok, well, if you do that, I will try a BIG bite, too!!!!"

Madelin and Jude sitting side by side!

After all the birthday singing and eating, Matt took the kids around for Wagon rides! The kids LOVED it!

We had a GREAT time celebrating Jude's birthday! Dusty, Jenna, Jude, and the newest little, Burchnall, Baby Dylan (who arrived this weekend a few weeks early), WE LOVE YOU!!!

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Anonymous said...

What a blessing these children are to each other. Now, but even more in the future. Only God knows what their destiny will be. For now, just playing and giving and getting happiness.
Love G.G.