Monday, July 05, 2010

Congratulations, MJ!

After the show, we all enjoyed Congratulating MJ for a job well done! Miss Valerie, the studio owner and teacher, is WONDERFUL! I love the picture of the 2 of them! Miss Val, we love you. I thought it was so sweet to see Madelin RUN up to MJ and tell her she did a GREAT job as soon as she saw her! (wish I got a picture of this, but oh well!) Madelin, you rock for being an awesome sister and daughter!!! Next year, you will be up there too!!!!

MJ received flowers from Mommom and Pappy and also Uncle Matthew!! She loved having her flowers in the house and looking at them every morning for a while! She got a medal with the name of the recital and the year on it from Miss Valerie! We gave her another giraffe to celebrate her 2nd year of Dance!! MJ loved it and named her, "Alley." ( because the brand tag said, "Animal Alley." ) MJ even had some cousins from Mississippi there to greet her! (they were up visiting Mom and Dad and joined us at the show!)

The recital was GREAT! Until September, we will have to enjoy Ousdahl Dancing in our living room to our fun music! Thankfully, we have PLENTY of tu-tu's to wear and between the four of us we have quite a variety of Dance moves! (a post on this to come soon!!!)


Unknown said...

She is the most beautiful blue eyed little girl I know!

Unknown said...

Oh, but of course there is one I've seen on a blog in New Englad that we haven't met yet...she is pretty cute too! =)

rebecca said...

Michaela is SO BEAUTIFUL! Those bright blue eyes of hers just sparkle. I love all of your recital pictures. The costumes were so pretty. How exciting it will be for you all next year when both Michaela and Madelin are dancing on the stage!