Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Tuesday at home

Here are a few shots from last Tuesday. We stayed home all day because 1) we could and 2) we were exhausted from a BUSY weekend!!! I wanted to post these pictures for me. So, years from now, I can look back at this post and see what a "regular" Tuesday at home was like with my 2 daughters!!

These 3 shots show what all 3 of us were doing that morning! MJ was drawing a picture at the picnic table!! (She is getting more creative with her drawings every day!!!) Madelin was building a path/bridge/tower with the books in the living room!!! (She recently starting doing this and I think it is way cool because this was something that MJ did ALL THE TIME at her age too!!) I was making 6 week Raisin Bran Muffins!! Yummo!! (I finally fine tuned the recipe to keep us all happy with these muffins. I had been tweaking it the past few times to make them more healthier, only to find that they just weren't as tasty...But, I got it figured out now!!)

I love how we were all together just being, but each of us were doing our own thing!!! What a perfect day!!! Girls, I LOVE you both and days like these are my FAVORITE!!!!

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The Stafford Crew said...

I love the pictures... You are such an amazing mom... Thanks for taking such good care of my neices on that slow Tuesday... I am sure there is no place they'd rather be than with their mom... Happy Thursday!!!