Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sister Slumber Party!!!!!

The girls have been begging to have a Slumber party in "Kay-ya's" room (as Madelin calls her). So, we gave it a go on a non school night. The girls lasted about an hour! They could not stop talking and giggling. The above picture is of them pretending to be asleep when Matt and I checked on them!

Here is what was really going on!!! All smiles and good Sister time!!! We knew they wouldn't be able to really fall asleep, but we thought it would be fun for them to enjoy this part of a Slumber party! They LOVED it!!

Here are the girls giving each other a good night Kiss! I LOVE these 2!!!!

Matt and I put one of our phones in their room, without them knowing and with the other phone went downstairs to listen to them talk for a bit. The beginning dialogue was PRICELESS!! It went something like this: Michaela was saying, "I really want to have a sleepover with you, Madelin, so remember do not get up. We are sisters, so that means we have to look out for each other. You don't have to be afraid because I am here and will protect you...that is what sisters do!" HOW SWEET!!! Madelin was soaking up the kind words from her sister! After this, we put the phone on mute because they were being SO SILLY and doing giggle, sister talk!


Mom Mom said...

Just love these pictures. They look like they are having a blast. Too cute. I love these girls.
Mom Mom

Anonymous said...

Prescious talk between sisters. They are lucky to have each other.
G.G. Hamerdinger