Tuesday, July 06, 2010

My Birthday Present :: A Bird Feeder

Well, here it is, the AMAZING Birthday present that my girls and Matt got me for my Birthday. We hung the Bird feeder in the tree right outside our kitchen window so we could see it from our table...well, several days went by and NO birds. So, we decided to move it to hang off the end of our swing set in a more open space for the birds to find. BINGO! We quickly got our very first visitor. (Seen above)! It was a House Sparrow! (I love how the very first bird we saw on the feeder was a sparrow...a reminder that God is watching over us!) We were ALL THRILLED for our very first visitor!

Pictured here are our Blue Jays! It took them a while to get comfortable enough to use our feeder. This is what they did in the beginning...the couple would sit in the tree together, scope things out and then, the male would leave, fly to the feeder, grab some food and bring it back for his wifers to enjoy. (pictured below!) Actually, while I like to think that these 2 are married, Matt just informed me that the Bird book says the male and female are identical looking....so, I am thinking that this is a parent/child relationship...who knows!

And finally, here is our Married couple! (that is what I dubbed them because they ALWAYS sit at the feeder TOGETHER!) They are a cute couple ; ) They are House Finches! In the photo below, they are on a double date.

Bird watching has QUICKLY become a favorite hobby for ALL 4 of us in this house! Last week, the girls and I went to the Library and checked out 2 awesome books on Birds..."A Field Guide to the Birds" and a book that has 250 Eastern American birds and a sound clip for each one with a sample of the bird voice!!! We all keep flipping through these 2 books to identify more and more birds that we see and hear during our day! The girls always call out to me to look at the feeder if they see a bird on it. They have gotten quite skilled at identifying the different birds!

Bird Watching...What a lovely way for us to appreciate God's creation, broaden our minds, and enjoy time together...I just love it!

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Rebecca Leger said...

Isn't bird watching just fabulous?! What a fun way for the girls to learn all about birds. We also have a hummingbird feeder at our house. You can find them for a few dollars at Walmart or at any hardware store. Hummingbirds are absolutely fascinating to watch. Like your bird feeder, it took about 4-5 days to attract the hummingbirds but now they come many, many times per day. There wing speed is so fast that they hum and you can hear them coming long before you see them.

What a perfect gift from your girls. Very thoughtful! Happy, happy bird watching to you all.