Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mrs. Valerie's Baby Shower

This past Sunday afternoon, we went to Mrs. Valerie's SURPRISE Baby Shower at the Dance Studio! Valerie was SO SURPRISED!! The top 2 pictures show her reaction. She opened the door, we said, "Surprise," and she went running for the Front door! She thought she was entering an empty Dance studio to meet with the Building owner, so she was so was a GREAT reaction. Thankfully, it didn't put her in labor!

Mrs. Valerie is SO SWEET and wonderful with the little dancers! I LOVE seeing her interact with her dance students both in and out of Dance Class. Michaela drew Mrs. Valerie a special picture of her and the baby in a crib. Michaela is explaining to Mrs. Val the present we got for her...Val was so patient with her even though she knew what the item was since it was off her registry =)

This is a group shot of the Dancers that were at the shower. Natalie and MJ are in the front middle!

We had a GREAT time at the shower. This week is DANCE, DANCE, DANCE as we get ready for MJ's Recital Saturday!!


Mom Mom said...

I loved loved Melissa's two dance teachers, Miss Sally and Donna Jo. But Miss Valerie is super super great with the girls. I am glad we found a great dance studio for Michaela and Madelin (soon) to go to.
Mom Mom

G.G. Hamerdinger said...

Michaela, do you think your dance teacher could help your G.G. with her dancing skills. I loved dancing with you, but you were ssssssooooooooo much better than I?
Love G.G. Hamerdinger