Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Michaela's Closing Program at Pre-school

MJ's pre-school put on a closing program for the parents to come and watch the children sing songs, recite poems, and answer questions about the best part of pre-school. The program was great!

Here is Michaela waiting for the program to get started. To pass time, MJ picked up a book, took a seat and started reading...one of her favorite things to do!

Looking up at Mommy for a quick smile before I headed back to my seat!

MJ with her teachers!!

At the program, the teacher introduced each child by name, and the child stood, waved, and smiled! Michaela had the BIGGEST smile on her face when her name was called! And props to the teacher for pronouncing our name correctly...a hard task for sure!!!!!

Taken while she was walking in line up to the stage...We love you Michaela!

Her class learned some sign language this year. Michaela LOVED it! Above, they are singing the worship song, "You are my All in All," and signing the words to it! It was so priceless to watch and hear their little voices! I love how MJ loves music and is always signing songs around the house!

After the program, the pre-school had Water Ice outside for the families to enjoy! YUMM! The girls had a BLAST celebrating and running around together. Here is Michaela and Natalie taking a quick break from their running fun! You two are BEAUTIFUL!!


Mandi said...

What a BEAUTIFUL and SMART girl!! Michaela's got it goin' on!!!

Mom Mom said...

I just love this little Michaela and I just love Faith Presbyterian preschool. I wish they had an elementary school attached.
Michaela, you did a great job on the program....I loved watching you sing and when you talked about hibernation. You have learned a lot this year. You are so so smart. Keep up the good work, I love you,
Mom Mom

The Stafford Crew said...

Michaela is getting so big! I am so proud of here... On to an ivy league before we know it! Miss you guys!