Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Memorial Day Picnic #2

This past weekend, we had a picnic/get together every day...Friday, Sat, Sunday, and Monday!! It was AWESOME to spend time with many of our family and friends!! But, come Tuesday, we were exhausted from all the running! Matt and I are VERY THANKFUL for the MANY CLOSE friends that God has blessed us with here in DE!!! We truly value our friendships! We LOVE you each one of you!!

Monday, we joined the Leach's at their Memorial Day cookout! We saw many people from Crossroads Church (where we helped out for a while.) It was great being there. Above is a picture of the girls hanging out playing with Danielle's tool box. Jude was there too...I just missed getting him in the picture before he stood up.

Michaela and Madelin had a BLAST playing at Danielle and Stephanie's house!!

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