Sunday, June 13, 2010

Last Day of 4 year old Pre-school

Here are a few SPECIAL shots from Michaela's last day of her First year at Pre-school!! The first one is of Michaela sitting near the class Circle Time area. I asked her to pick her favorite place in the classroom to have her picture taken and the Circle rug area is where she chose! The next two shots are of MJ giving her teachers their presents and a good-bye hug! Mrs. MacDonald and Mrs. Norris were great. They were so soft spoken, patient, and caring with the students. The last shot is of Michaela and Natalie, her closest friend.

Michaela grew SO MUCH this year at pre-school! Besides a ton of Academic learning, she learned a lot about God, many worship songs, some Spanish, grew in her awareness of others, and so much more......MJ we are proud of you!

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