Saturday, June 26, 2010

Good-bye 28, Hello, 29!

Well, I am another year older! Last year, actually from 27.5 to 28.5, was a tough year for me. Nothing MAJOR or CATASTROPHIC happened, but it was for various reasons still tough for me. I think a TON of little "annoyances" added up to make it seem like life was difficult...with the car accident, loosing Cooper, being way to "good" busy with helping out at 2 different churches, adjusting to having 2 children, and Matt being self-employed in this economy while I stay at home, I was out of sorts and very anxious! And the worst part, looking back now, was that I was trying to live by my strength and not rely on and trust in GOD! Looking back on last year, I can honestly say that the "29 Melissa" is stronger and more grounded than the "27/28 Melissa." I am not saying that I am perfect or have it all together now, because that is so.not.true! What I am saying is that my heart feels more connected to God and at Peace and is trying to seek Him every day, because I learned from last year that I! I want to thank my husband for loving me through this...Come What May, Babe! I love you! I am also thankful for my parents who are always there to listen, support, and love me no matter what! I also had MANY friends who listened to me, hung out with me, prayed for me and just loved me for guys are AWESOME and truly are REAL friends...I LOVE each of you! To most, this post will sound random, but to me, I wanted to "document" this phase of my life, so I can come back to it years later and remember how Faithful God was and is to me. You know the funny thing about last year is that none of my circumstances drastically changed to "fix" things for me. Nope. (which I am glad they didn't). What did change was my focus. My focus shifted from me to God. My heart opened up to following God's will for my life and not my own way for me. I pray that as I live out my 29th year, I will continue to pursue God and REST in Him, because that is where true Peace is!

This is my Birthday MINUTE picture! Mom took me and the girls out to Breakfast and then we went shopping together....SO MUCH FUN! Thanks for all the clothes, Mom and Dad! We really found some good items! Later in the day, Matt, the girls and I went out to lunch (them pictured above). There they gave me a Bird Feeder!!!! Which, I have been wanting and wanting for some time now! I can't wait to post pictures of our new Bird friends!!!! I ended my birthday with MJ's Dress rehearsal for Dance....tons of FUN! I just LOVE watching her dance on stage! (pictures to come soon!!!)

So, Hello, 29!!!

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The Stafford Crew said...

Although I have only known you for 8 years, my love for you as a sister has grown and developed into something that is far better than any blood sister could provide... You are the homemaker to my brother, a mother to my neices, and a mentor beyond any measure! I love you and I am blessed to have you in my life... You make my world brighter, simply because you love and honor the Lord! You are an amazing woman, no matter what your age! I love you! Happy belated birthday!