Saturday, June 26, 2010

Camping at the Beach

We decided to get away for the night a few weeks ago. Since it was a last minute decision, we thought camping at the beach would be a fun way to do it. Here are some pictures from our fun get-a-way.

Michaela and Madelin LOVED camping.

Enjoying some Grottos Pizza (which comes easily for us Ousdahls).

Daddy and his girls.

Our intentions were to enjoy the boardwalk as much as possible, but a trip to the beach just isn't the same without a search for shells and a little sand between your toes.

"What are you lookin' at?"

Funland is always sure to please. There were no scraped knees this time, so the experience was much more enjoyable for all of us.

Sleeping in a tent was a blast. Madie's Pak-n-Play was set-up inside, and Michaela used a sleeping bag. Isn't it great waking up to bird's chirping bright and early?


Unknown said...

We want to camp next time!

Glad you posted these, funny to see some of our shots were so similar and we weren't even there at the same time! =)

Unknown said...

I love the one shot of MJ with the woods in the background and of course I LOVE the one of Madelin with her "tude."

tenting surprise!, said...

Oh, Melissa, my dear, I love this little picture walk of yours. Michaela and Madelin are having the best time, as you can tell by all those big happy smiles.

Melissa Watkins Ousdahl...are you a camping-kind-of-girl!?!?!! I would have never guessed. Wow, what I learned about you from this story! I didn't even think you and Matt owned a tent. I think you are now ready for a backpacking trip along the Appalachian Trail with the girls in tow. Love it and love it and love it more!!

Next thing you know, you will be cooking all your meals by campfire!
Love to All of you 'Free Camping Spirits' down there in Delaware,
Aunt Mary Ann

The Stafford Crew said...

Could you please email me the picture of Madelin making the funny face... the "whatca looking at" face.. I must frame that...
Miss you all!!! Skype soon!