Tuesday, June 01, 2010

All About Michaela!!

Michaela's pre-school has a special board in the classroom that is called "Spotlight on Me," and it features different students throughout the year. Michaela's turn was a few weeks back. We had such a good time filling in the papers the teacher gave her for the board!! And note...it was ALL done by MICHAELA!! (all we did was print off a few pictures from the blog or online for her to use.)

Recently, Michaela has really been into "Finding Nemo." In the picture above, she is drawing her FIRST FISH!!! I LOVE it! After she drew it, Matt showed her how to draw a simple fish. But we made sure to still show her original fish on the paper, too!!!

Michaela was SO proud to turn in her papers for the board!! They looked GREAT up there!

Above and below are close up shots of the papers so you can see her answers to the "About Me" questions. If you need to, click on the picture and it will pop up bigger to see her sweet answers!!

She MJ's original fish on the Nemo paper. The other fish were done by her too after Matt showed her how to draw them!! Way to go, MJ!!

On Friday of the week when MJ's papers were on the board, Mommom took off to spend a special day with us!! First, Mommom took MJ to school! MJ was SO THRILLED with this. After that, Mom, Madelin, and I went out to breakfast and did a little shopping before we picked up MJ from school! What a great day!!

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Mom Mom said...

This was a great day indeed. Michaela you are a great student and I love you,
Mom Mom