Saturday, May 29, 2010

Our Happy Mother's Day!!!

I can't believe I am just know posting about Mother's Day...oh well, life has been very full and happy! We had a wonderful Mother's Day. After church, we all went out to eat at Red Lobster. While we were waiting for our food, we exchanged gifts! Michaela was so excited to give Mommom the special card she made for her! The girls gave both Mom and I VERY special gifts this year! As posted here, Matt took the girls to a recording studio to record them singing songs. Both Mom and I LOVED this special gift!

Little did I know, but the girls had another surprise for me. My parents took the girls to a pottery place where they picked out some beautiful pieces and painted them for me!! I was so surprised and LOVED them.

Above, I am holding up the heart that Michaela made for me! She did a BEAUTIFUL job. She chose the colors, designed it herself, painted it, and told Mommom what words to write on it. MJ, I LOVE this. Every time I see it hanging in the Family room, I smile!!

Madelin painted a spoon rest for me to use in the kitchen! She was SO proud to show it to me! Madelin, I LOVE this and think it looks GREAT on my oven! Mom and Dad, thanks for taking the girls to make these special gifts for me!! You guys are SO thoughtful!

Here is Mom opening up her gift from Dad...a Pandora bracelet!! She LOVED it!!! Good job, Dad!!

After dinner, we headed back to our house to listen to the Song CD together and to watch the DVD of the girls in the recording studio! We also read the book, "Someday" together. Dad wanted us to read it together...the only one who could read it out loud without tearing up was Matt! It is a great book!

Here we are!! I just love this shot of the 4 of us! My Mom and 2 daughters....I love you 3 SO MUCH!!!


Unknown said...

I know where is the time going? I can't get up on our blog! Glad you had a great mothers day!

Aunt Mary Ann up in Vermont said...

Such beautiful pictures! I especially love the last one, four girl with spirits as lovely as can be.

Grandma Hamerdinger said...

3 generations of Christian Moms represented here. What a big impact on the world.