Sunday, May 09, 2010

My Mother's Day Present

This morning, after a fun little scavenger hunt around the house (which was pretty easy since the girls told me where I was supposed to go), I was directed to an AWESOME Mother's Day present from the girls and Matt. Earlier in the week, Matt had taken the girls to a local recording studio (The Tune Room) and had recorded them singing their favorite songs! I have included 2 of them below.

I have a CD of them singing both individually and is priceless! Matt also gave me a DVD of the process of recording the songs! It is pretty cute seeing the girls in the sound booth with head phones on singing into a professional mic. I LOVE this gift and I LOVE seeing the girls faces every time I listen to the CD!! I will cherish this ALWAYS!!

PS. Grandmas and Great Grandmas will be getting a copy of the CD in the mail, too. So keep an eye out.


The Stafford Crew said...

I am balling.. To hear her little voice singing praises.. I bet mom and dad were glowing with praise when you guys recorded this CD.... I just love them!!! Kisses to my sweet neices!!

Anonymous said...

I just love my CD.....Madelin does great with Twinkle Twinkle and Michaela sounds like she is ready for American Idol. I just love it. Matt, you done good kid.
Mom Mom

Anonymous said...

What a gift. Machaela can dance and sing! What gifted little girls.
Love G.G.