Monday, May 24, 2010

Mother's Day Tea

The Friday before Mother's Day, MJ's pre-school had a special Tea to honor all the Mom's! It was a GREAT time!! All week long, I was SO EXCITED to go!! Michaela did a great job of keeping all of this a surprise for me!

This was the table settings! Michaela made this flower card for me. The book to the left was a gift from the pre-school for all the Mom's! It is called, "Five Star Families."

We had place cards to tell us where to sit! It might sound weird, but I LOVED how my place card said, "Michaela's Mom," because I ABSOLUTELY LOVE being her Mom!!!! The 4 year old class made these flower pots and planted these flowers for the Mom's!! MJ painted hers ALL PINK! I put this special flower in my Living room, where I see it every morning when I sit to read and drink my coffee!!

This was the special note and picture MJ wrote on the inside of her card for me!!! She said that the 2 people are me and her HUGGING!!!! I just LOVE HER!

Each class performed a special song or poem and then the kids joined the Mom's at the table for tea and lunch! While we were eating lunch, they had a picture game playing on the Big Screen! First, they showed a 4 year old picture of a Mom, so you could guess the Mom. Then they showed a picture of the child and then put their name up top, so everyone would know!! It was fun!! The kids got a big kick out of this!! Everyone said they could tell that that picture was me!!! Really?? I do think MJ and I look alike.

This was a special time and I am thankful that her preschool puts on events like this.

I will post more on Mother's Day!! I have so much to catch up on!! First, my computer was acting up, then we went away to Annapolis, MD for the weekend, only to bring home 2 sick girls, so that is what occupied all my time last week! I am hoping to catch up today and tomorrow!!


Unknown said...

I love the first one of the two of you! Too cute!

Mom Mom said...

Two pretty girls that I love very much.
Mom and Mom Mom

Grandma Hamerdinger said...

Michaela is just beaming with pride, to have a party at school for her Mom!!!!!!!!!!!