Friday, May 21, 2010

Michaela Scores an A-plus!!

A few weeks ago (the end of April), I thought it would be fun to give Michaela her FIRST SPELLING TEST! She wrote her name on her paper, numbered it from 1 to 10, and was so excited to get started. I chose simple words and made sure to cover all the vowels. I said the word and she wrote it down. She breezed through this and got them ALL right! I love how she drew a smiley face in her number 10! MJ, you are so smart and I love how you LOVE to learn more and more!!


Mom Mom said...

Wow, what a great job Michaela. I love your smiley face too. Way to go,
I love you,
Mom Mom

Anonymous said...

Smart. Just like your Mom.
And pretty too.

Unknown said...

That is awesome Michaela! Way to go writing your paper at church the other day too! She was so impressive and wanted to do it all by herself...and she did!