Saturday, May 08, 2010

Madelin's First Hair Cut!!!!

On Thursday, we took Madelin to my stylist to get her First Hair cut...ever!!! Madelin was not thrilled with the idea. Thankfully, she had Bear-Bear with her, as well as Mommy, Daddy, and her Big Sister, MJ!! Above is a picture of Madelin's long, in desperate need of a hair cut, hair!! This was taken right before she got in the chair to get it cut off!!!

Here is a picture of the first cut!!! Mommy was sitting right by her! You can tell by her eyes, that she wasn't exactly sure what to make of this event!! She had a really hard time sitting still...she kept wanting to turn her head to see MJ and Erica's big, dog, Moose!!!

Madelin was so cute in the chair!! I love how she had Bear-Bear right with her!!

And we are finished!! Her hair is SO CUTE!! Not so cute in this picture because it is still wet...but you will see how cute in future posts!! We decided to go with no bangs. Madelin, you are beautiful!!!


G.G. Hamerdinger said...

Yes Madelin, you are beautiful, and a real cute hair cut. Wasnt it fun!!!!!! I just got my hair cut also. Love G.G.

Marlene said...

Totally adorable even when wet! And I'm so glad her little bear was with her to share in the excitement :)

Mom Mom said...

Hey Madelin, pretty soon we can get pedicures together. You look so grown up.
I love you,
Mom Mom