Monday, May 24, 2010

Happy Birthday, Ben!!!

Saturday night, we headed over to the Cronauer's place to celebrate Ben's 2nd Birthday!! My girls were THRILLED to party with them! (It was EXTRA exciting for them because Mommom and Pappy we there too!!) Above is Madelin and Ben together...friends from birth!!

Here is another friend from the party...Timmy! He is SUCH a HAPPY boy! I was bummed that this picture was blurry, but still put it up!

For some reason, I didn't get any shots of any of the older siblings...but trust me, they were there and having a BLAST too!!

Ben getting ready to blow out his candles! I was thankful that Madelin didn't get upset about this! Since her birthday in March, every picture of a cake and such she claims as HER BIRTHDAY cake or whatever. She seemed excited to celebrate Ben's Birthday!!

I just had to post this picture of Andrew and Madelin. Andrew is Ben's brother, (Andrew is #2 in the line of 4) and he is SO GOOD with little kids! Without any prompting from adults, he invited Madelin to bring him a book so he could read it to her!!! How awesome is that. I peeked in and saw them sitting so nicely, I just had to take a picture! Thanks, Andrew!!!

Happy birthday, Ben!! We love you and your entire Crew!!!!!

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Unknown said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhh! I love your pics! I saved them from your blog but will they print well? If not can you email them to me? I need to frame the one of Madelin and Ben!

Andrew, loves your crew and is always happy to hang with your family. Today Natalie was complaining that Isaac gets to come over so much and Michaela not as much. Andrew said, "silly Natalie you and Michaela would always be together if she lived down the street like Isaac does!"