Saturday, May 01, 2010

Emma's 5th Birthday Party!!!

Today, we went to Emma's 5th Birthday Party. All the children enjoyed the Slip-N-Slide, which was a perfect match for the HOT, HOT weather we had today!!! Below are a few shots of MJ's friends enjoying the water slide. Every girl had their own, unique way to get down the slide! It was GREAT to watch!!

Emily and Alexa (identical twins...above and below!)

Little Neala was a FIRE CRACKER going down the slip-n-slide!

Here is Maddie...she got off track this time because of our Madelin. Madelin got in her way as she was running up to the slide. See Madelin in the background with her hat on!! It was SO hot, that I didn't even suit up Madelin. She was content watching the older girls and playing inside in the cooler air, which made things easier for Mommy and Daddy =)

And here is Michaela!! She was certainly the most cautious going down the slide! Notice her DRY hair ; ) She had a blast though!!

Here is a group shot of the kids eating cake and ice cream. They were all so well behaved and had a GREAT time!!

Isn't this a GREAT shot of the Birthday girl!!! I LOVE the ice cream on Emma's face here!! I can't believe Emma is seems like just yesterday, we were all at Play Date sitting on the living room floor of Emma's home with our 1st baby laying on the rug together "playing." Now, 5 years later....they are going down a SLIP-N-SLIDE!!! Crazy!! (Click here to see a picture of one of our early playdates with these friends: From left to right: Neala, Maddie, Caleb, Michaela, and Emma Here is another picture, from left to right: Michaela, Maddie, Emma, and Danielle See how much they have ALL GROWN!!!!

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Mom Mom said...

Wow looks like everyone had a great time. While you guys were there we were at the Phillies game watching them beat the Mets 10-0...Halladay is great. I can't believe that all these girls are five or almost five. They are all so cute.
Mom Mom