Friday, April 23, 2010

Shopping Trip to Children's Place

Grandma Pat sent Madelin a Gift Card to Children's Place for her 2nd Birthday!! We LOVE this store! Grandma Pat, you are SO thoughtful and we had a BLAST using the Gift Card because of you!! My parents and I went here over their Spring Break. It went as most of our shopping experiences go recently...let's just say that the store workers probably notice when we leave...the girls aren't bad...they just are VERY EXCITED to look at all the FUN things to buy!! Dad got out the camera while we were shopping this time to capture these Moments!!


Unknown said...

SO FUN! Luv the hats girls!!!!!!

Pappy said...

Hats are sooo much fun!!

Mom Mom said...

Good thing these two girls are cute because in a store they are tornadoes.......and you know if a mom mom is saying that it is true. They just love shopping.
Gotta love them though.
Mom Mom

G.G. Hamerdinger said...

Boy looks like they were having fun with those hats!