Monday, April 12, 2010

Our Beautiful Dancer...

These are a few shots of Michaela on our way to Dance Class...they are from a few weeks ago, but I still wanted to put them up. Michaela is an EXCELLENT dancer!

Every Monday, she chooses what tutu she wants to wear over her leotard. And for now, these Butterfly shoes are her FAVORITE and she wears them everywhere, unless it is muddy out =)

Michaela, you are a beautiful Dancer and I hope you continue to find Joy in your Dancing!!


G.G.Hamerdinger said...

Was so much fun when we performed for our family, on our recent get together. Thanks for being patient with me. You were really the star, you know!!!!!!!!!
Love you G.G.

Mom Mom said...

Michaela is really a great dancer. She has won the "excellent" dancer award in class a couple of times. She is always dancing, singing or reading. A smart and talented little girl to be around.
I love her and little bit too.
Mom Mom