Monday, April 19, 2010

Milburn Orchards with Friends!!!

We had such a good time at Milburn Orchards in MD with our good friends, the Jones! This was my first time at Milburn and we LOVED it!! The girls (all 4) had a great time running around. (Kaelin and Eddie have 2 girls too...their youngest is still a tiny baby, so Ellie chilled in the stroller, but was very happy and content!) PS: Kaelin, given how HOT it was this day, I am SO glad we used my double provides SO much shade for the little ones!!

Maddie and Michaela play so nicely together, and Madelin tries to keep up with them! The BIG swing pictured above and below was a lot of fun...the only issue was the SUN!!!

After playing on the playground, we headed over to see the "SHEEP COWS!!!" Never heard of this animal before? Well, this is Madelin's name for a GOAT!! She was SO FUNNY!! She kept insisting that they were Sheep-cows. Finally, I got her to agree that they were "Goat-cows," she just couldn't give up on the cow part...oh well. Kaelin and I were laughing SO HARD at her. Madelin really has a SPARKLE to her!!

So, the Sheep-cows were the MOST SPOILED goats around!! Look at their set-up below!!!! They had ALL THESE bridges and such to climb and chill on! It was AWESOME! Michaela and Maddie enjoyed feeding them. They put some food in a little basket and then turned the wheel for the pulley system to take the food up to the top of the platform. As soon as a person was at a basket, a goat would walk over to the top, ready to receive the yummy food. I felt bad for the last goat. The girls by this point had run out of food and the Mommy's had run out of quarters, so they girls were picking up scraps of food from the ground to fill the basket with. The goat WAITED and WAITED for them to bring this pitiful basket to the top....I think he was a little disappointed with the scraps inside...oh well!!

We had a BLAST here and can't wait to go back =) Thanks, Kaelin!!!

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Unknown said...

That looked like such a fun day..and a hot one too!