Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Flowers, Trees, Blankets, Books, and Family...

Saturday, we went to a tucked away, beautiful Flower park in Greenville, DE. I went to this park a lot during my last 2 years of high school, since it was so close to school. (Anna and Judy, if you see this post, I always think of you 2 every time I go to this park =) ) It is a no playground kinda park, but we still enjoyed it.

We brought a blanket and some books and had a WONDERFUL time. The girls can't wait to go back here! I love the above picture of MJ reading. She really works diligently on her reading skills...and boy, does it pay off!! Today, she read the word "started" in a Bernstein Bears book and she stopped and said, "Mommy, I know this word. I first read it in my Little Einstein book."

And here is Madelin...she LOVES to do what Michaela does! It was so nice laying on the blanket together listening to the two of them read their books!!

After book time, we explored God's beautiful creation around us! They LOVED this tree and had fun climbing it!!

These flowers pictured above were a big hit. The girls kept running to find these tiny flowers and would bring them back to us.

Madelin and Bear-Bear!!

Off they go, in search of more flowers!!

Can you see the tiny blue flower in Madie's hand? She found one and was bringing it back to us!

And here we are...taking a family shot before we headed back home!!

PS: Matt's sister, Kim, made these outfits for the girls! She is starting a sewing business! She has an embroidery machine and put their initials on the shirts! Kim, thank you so much for taking the time to make these for the girls! We LOVE them! You are an awesome Aunt!!


Unknown said...

These pictures of the park brought back such nice memories (of cutting school, but so be it - we all turned out OK:) Lovely to see you enjoy it with your family!

Unknown said...

Love how Michaela is wearing her hair!

Oh and that family shot came out so good! Its so hard to do that with the rebel...not as easy as it is with the little point and shoot!