Sunday, April 18, 2010

Easter Sunday!

Here are some shots from our Easter Sunday!! (FINALLY, right?!?!?) I LOVED the girls' dresses!!! Hey Mom, we sure did have a "good" time shopping for them, huh?????? For those who missed out on us shopping for these, you missed a SHOW, let me tell you!!! It was Mom, Dad, me, and the girls!! They were a handful, but I will always remember this afternoon....honestly, I thought it was so funny watching them "shop." Anyway, it was worth it, because the girls looked BEAUTIFUL!!!

Michaela and Natalie at out "meeting spot" at our church's coffee corner! They LOVED admiring each other's beautiful dresses!

Ben was stylin' in his handsome suit!!!

Madelin saying, "Cheese," for the camera!

A GREAT family shot of our SUPER AWESOME friends, the Cronauers....they enjoy our "photo shoots" together every holiday =)

Mommom and Pappy with Madelin (above) and Michaela (below)!!!

And finally, a family shot of us =) We had a wonderful Easter!

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Unknown said...

Yay! You blogged! I love all the pics....and stole some. =)

But I LOVE your family shot! Thanks for being such awesome friends.

The Cronauers