Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter Story Cookies

On the night before Easter, we made Easter Story cookies with the girls. This was our first time doing this activity and we LOVED it. I plan on doing it every Easter with them. It is a GREAT way to get the family together and in a hands-on-way, read through the account of Jesus' death and Resurrection.

Every ingredient represented an aspect of Jesus' death and resurrection and had a verse to go along with it. In the two pictures above, the girls were smashing pecans as Matt read about Jesus' body being beaten. MJ's face in the very first picture captured her reaction as she heard what happened to Jesus! She was very sad.

Here the girls are smelling the vinegar and were shocked to learn that vinegar was what they offered Jesus to drink while on the cross!

The girls really enjoyed this activity! Madelin was SO into it, she couldn't stay OFF the table!!

Here are the cookies and once we put them in the oven, the girls sealed the oven with tape, just like the tomb was sealed.

The cool thing about this activity is that you leave the cookies in the oven over night and in the morning when you open up a cookie, the cookies is hallow...empty, like the tomb!!

I found this recipe here at Fly Through Our Window. Check it out. Her post does a GREAT job of explaining the different steps of the recipe.

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