Thursday, March 25, 2010

Park Playdates!!!

With Spring here, spending time at the park with friends will be a very regular activity for us!! Last Friday, we went to Can-Do park to meet my MOPS group there. MJ was at pre-school, so I just had Madelin. Above is Madelin snuggled close to Svea!! Madelin LOVES hanging out with Svea and usually sees her every Friday morning. Madelin likes to do whatever Svea does!

While we were at the park, we ran into some other good friends of ours. Jenna and Jude were there enjoying the weather too! It was a GREAT surprise!

Here is Madelin and Ben playing in the sand!

And here is Lauren and I!! Lauren is Joy's best friend who moved to DE in the fall!! Since her husband is in the Army, they moved last week to another base! While Lauren was only here for a few months, we had a BLAST and I am SO BLESSED to have been able to get to know her! She is a BEAUTIFUL person both in and out! Lauren, I am going to miss you!!

And here are the 3 of us!!! Thanks, you two for all the good times!! You both are GREAT friends!

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Unknown said...

I just stole that pic of Madelin an Ben! =) P.S. Realize that you never have to ask to take any pics from my blog. Mi pictures es su pictures...or however that goes. =)