Sunday, March 14, 2010



Murphy is the newest member to our family. Well, our extended family. Murphy is my Mom and Dad's new puppy! We just LOVE him.

Murphy is a 10 month old Yorkie-poo. Mom and Dad brought him home today from the Delaware Humane Society. He is the tiniest little thing...the pictures make him look bigger, because of his fluffy fur, but under that, he really is tiny!

We all had a Playdate today at the Humane Society to make sure Murphy would be a good fit with my parent's older dog, Alfalfa, and also, to make sure that Murphy was good around the girls. It was like MAGIC! We ALL connected and just couldn't wait to make him apart of our family!! Mom, this little doggy was meant for you and Dad to LOVE! Murphy will be such a sweet addition to our family! As you can tell from this last picture, it didn't take long for Murphy to get "comfy" with us =)


Unknown said...

He is SOOOO CUTE! He looks so sweet. Congrats to you all!

If you are wondering why I am STILL up I decided to wash the luvy (aka stinky blanket). =)

Aunt Mary Ann, said...

Murphy is as cute as can be. I just love the way his fur looks like he is wearing a sweater. I can imagine how much love he is receiving!
Give him some hugs from me, too!