Tuesday, March 09, 2010

An Ikea Day!!

Sunday afternoon, we all headed to Ikea to enjoy a good day together!

Ikea was having a special on their Sweedish meatball dinner...$1.00 for 10 meatballs and mashed potatoes! What a yummy meal!!

After dinner, we gave Ikea's Princess Cake...yes, this is the REAL name of the dessert...a try!

The girls LOVED it! And in the spirit of our new healthy eating, the 6 of us split 1 piece of cake!

We had such a great day together at Ikea!!


Anonymous said...

I just "about" LIVE for Ikea ! The nearest one to us is 184 miles from here, in Massachusetts! Uncle Walter has never been to Ikea...I keep telling him what he's missing!
So glad that you had a fun time together,
Aunt Mary Ann

PS~Melinda, you look great!

Melinda said...

How has my brother lived this long withoug going to an IKEA....it is an adventure...like an 8th wonder of the world...just kidding, but Walt, you have got to go. These are really cute pictures of the girls.