Friday, March 26, 2010

Family Time at the Park!!

This past Friday, we headed out to the park to enjoy some family time and fresh air! We brought 2 scooters and a bike =) The girls had a BLAST switching between the 3 options! Madelin is on MJ's scooter above.

Michaela and Madelin "racing." Madelin still needs some help on her scooter!!

MJ posing for a picture!!

Me and my GIRLS!!!


Unknown said...

I LOVE this pic of you and the girls!

Mandi said...

I agree Joy! That one should go in a frame for sure!! Love you girls! :)

Mom Mom said...

Three pretty girls...I love you,
Mom and Mom Mom

G.G. Hamerdinger said...

Michaela, and your the cutest 4 year old great grand daughter I have. Cute pictures. Love G.G.