Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Backyard Fun!!!!

What a GREAT day!! The weather was GORGEOUS, so the girls and I enjoyed an afternoon outside taking in the FRESH AIR!!! Michaela ran around every inch of our backyard thrilled that all the snow was melted and the ground dry!!

The girls had a great time playing house, swinging, and going up and down the slide!

So many smiles!!

I LOVE this BEAUTIFUL face!!!

Up, Up, Up she goes!! Thankfully, she has seemed to master climbing. (but, I still stay close, just in case.)

Madelin, why do you ALWAYS take your hair bows out???? I try so hard to keep your hair out of your face...oh well, you are still adorable!!

And here is my other BEAUTIFUL face that I LOVE!!

My silly girls!! I LOVE watching you ENJOY EVERY DAY! Being with you two is SUCH A GIFT!! Mommy LOVES you both SO much!!!

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Mom Mom said...

What cute little girls I have. I am glad that you got to play outside this past week. Pretty soon you will be able to play outside most of the time. That is, when this rain finally stops. Have a great day.
I love you two girls,
Mom Mom