Monday, March 08, 2010

Art Time

The girls LOVE to paint. This afternoon, they both painted MANY, MANY pictures. (MJ's "Spring" picture as posted about previously was done on this afternoon.) They used a variety of "brushes," such as their fingers, a real brush, a sponge, and the end of a thin plastic paint brush. I LOVE watching them paint. While their Masterpieces were drying, our Kitchen was COVERED with them =)


Mom Mom said...

Hi girls, how beautiful! Can Mom Mom have a picture to put up in her house? I love you,
Mom Mom

Anonymous said...

What precious pictures!
There is nothing so wonderful as children exploring and creating. I can feel the explosion of Spring through their colors. Beautiful masterpieces and Beautiful girls!
Love, Aunt Mary Ann

PS..Oh, yes, Mom Mom and Pappy NEED to have one for their home, too!

The Ousdahls said...


You got it. The girls would LOVE for you to have one for your home!