Sunday, February 21, 2010

Wendy's Baby Shower!!!

This afternoon, Mom and I went to a dear and long-time friend's 1st Baby shower!! Wendy and Matt are expecting their first baby (a GIRL!!) in April!!! I went to school with Wendy since pre-k!!! (and her husband Matt since like middle school). Wendy's Mom and my Mom were in the same youth group and in each other's, like I said, they are dear and long-time friends!!

Pictured above is me, Mandi, Kristen (who is also expecting her first baby in the end of April!), and Casey. Wendy was up on stage opening her presents when we took this shot = (

It is so nice to have these women in my life. We all grew up together and still hang out once a month. We all have different careers, families, churches, live in different cities (all still pretty close to each other), but it is nice to still keep our friendships going!

Me and Mandi!!!

My Mom and I!! I just need to brag for a minute on my MOM!! She looks GREAT!! And more importantly than that, I am SO proud of her for her efforts to eat better so she is healthier and happier! Mom, I LOVE you and am glad that you are making such an effort to stay healthy! I am very thankful for you and all the sacrifices you make and have made over the years for our family!! You are a BLESSING to us all!!

P.S. I just love this picture of you and me = )

And finally, here is Wendy...the soon to be Mommy!!! I can't wait to meet your little baby girl!! I hope our girls will be friends one day too = )


Mom said...

All you girls have turned into beautiful and good Christian women. I remember when Melissa met all of you and am glad that you are still involved in her life.
P.S. - Melissa thanks for the nice compliments...I love you too.

just so special, said...

I also *LOVE* the picture of you two women!!
You are both wonderful and beautiful inside and out. Mother and daughter moments are some of the most joyful times in life.
Love, Aunt Mary Ann