Friday, February 12, 2010

Vacation Day 7::The Water Park, 1 Last time!!

We enjoyed a quiet morning in the house. As you can see, the kids really enjoyed the Iphones...thank goodness we had 3 between all of us to use =) Grandma, Kim, and I snuck out to do a kidless run to Target, while our men, feed the kiddos lunch and put them down for a nap. We had a great time shopping together!!

When we returned from shopping, we got everyone ready to go enjoy the indoor water park, one last time. Michaela loved the new bathing suit I picked up for her at Target!

Madelin enjoyed sitting by Gigi and watching the big kids swim! She got in the water too, but wasn't content to stay in the water as long as Michaela!!

Madelin looking for Daddy and MJ to float around the lazy river!!

Here they are!! Relaxing in the Lazy river!!

So much fun!!!

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