Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Vacation Day 6:: A Lovely Slow Day

Today was our slowest day. We didn't leave the house =) Well, Matt, Mike, and Michael went to the store to but ingredients for me to make Chicken Divan for dinner. Other than that, we were enjoying taking it easy. We played board games, colored, played Wii, took naps, watched a movie, did laundry, and just enjoyed each other!!

So, these pictures for this post were all taken during Bed time! (Every post needs some pictures!)

Madelin was insistent on making this face for her picture. After I took it, she said, "I see, Mommy?" So I showed her and she just laughed and laughed!! I love you, Madelin!!!!

Here, Madelin is giving her "Bear-Bear" a hug!! Unfortunately, we lost her First Bear-Bear on this trip!! It was lost sometime on our initial arrival at the resort! Among the Blizzard that was coming down as we unpacked the car and our total lack of sleep, since we drove through the night to beat the snow, Bear-Bear fell out of the van and has yet to be found!!! THANKFULLY, we had a Back-up with us. Madelin has been using 2 Bear-Bears for a few months now. Of course, the original one was her favorite, but now that he is missing, the 2nd one is her main Bear-Bear now!! After looking ALL OVER the PLACE and not finding Bear-Bear, I ordered another one from Ebay! So, when we get back home, we will have a back-up one waiting for us!

Madelin, I love how you love Bear-Bear!! I hope this Bear-Bear gets all worn and loved like your original one! I am sorry that we lost your first one! We did all we could to fix it and keep you happy and secure!! Always know that Mommy and Daddy will do anything to help you...even if we have to order several Bear-Bears from Ebay =)

You are so sweet during Bed time! You wait for me to lay out your Blankie (that Mommom and Pappy bought you when I was pregnant with you!), then you take Bear-Bear and tuck him under your arm and lay on your stomach with him!! You are a cutie!!!!

After Madelin was all tucked in bed, I spent some time curling Michaela's hair!! We can't wait to see her princess hair in the morning! (Anna, I will try to remember to take a picture of her curls in the morning and post it later =) )

Michaela, you are so sweet and I LOVE spending time with you! I LOVE how you like to whisper things to me! (this is something that you do a lot right now!) Always know that you can tell me anything and always Trust me!!!

Today, was a gift!! We were surrounded by family, love, laughter, safety, food, and health!! We give thanks to God for His Blessings!!!

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The Stafford Crew said...

I just wanted to tell you how much fun I am having with your girls! They are the sweetest little things and have such beautiful hearts!! So glad that I got a chance to get to know them!! Love you guys!