Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Vacation Day 5 Part 2:: A Crazy Balloon Show

Last night, we enjoyed a fun, family friendly, balloon/comedy/magic show at the resort. We all loved the show. Michaela and Kayden both went up on stage during the show, so they got a special balloon. Michaela went up to tell a joke to the audience, in order to get a balloon. She was brave enough to go up on stage by herself, but she was too shy to tell the joke in front of everyone...Oh well, she still got a balloon flower!!

Here is Kim and Mike and their 3 kiddos...the boys got crazy boy balloons, like swords and such. They loved them!!

Above, you can see the crazy balloon guy. The show really was good. The balloon guy holds the title for the Fastest balloon blower and fastest balloon creator in our country. He was FAST!!! At the end, he used a snow blower to blow up this LARGE RED balloon and he ended up getting his entire body inside!! The kids were was I = )

On our way out, we attempted to sit the kids on the couch to get a picture of them with their balloons. Well, being 2 hours past bed time and trying to hold onto the crazy large balloon toys, this was as good as we got!!!

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