Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Vacation Day 4:: Games and the Mall

Monday was a chill day for us. We slept in and took it easy around our vacation house all day. While the 3 little ones were napping, we all played games. MJ and Kayden had fun playing the iphone together, and the adults played spoons! (Note: I, Melissa, won!!!)

After the naps and because of some cabin fever, we headed out to the Harrisonburg Mall, which compared to all the malls we have close to us back home, this mall was pretty sad. However, it got us out and we all had a good time. Above, Michaela is holding hands with Kayden and Michael as they browse the mall!!

Madelin wanted out too, but she had to stay in the stroller! Amazingly, she kept her bow in ALL day!!!!

Walking around the mall, we found a Carousel. The kids LOVED it and thanks to Uncle Mike, they rode it SEVERAL times!! It was awesome to watch their smiles and hear their laughter!!

Here is a picture with the kids walking with their Gigi!! No doubt about it, they LOVE Gigi!!!

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Mom Mom said...

Cute cute pictures. Michaela's hair looks gorgeous. Madelin looks so grown up with her bow in. Glad the girls are enjoying time with their cousins. We sure are missing them. Give them a kiss from Mom Mom.