Sunday, February 07, 2010

Vacation Day 3: Indoor Water Park!!!!

I love this picture of the girls!! Notice Madelin is wearing her swimsuit and MJ has her snow boots on...believe it or not, both of them were wearing what we needed to wear for our day. (Madelin still needed to put an outfit on over her suit!) Even with the 20 plus inches of snow here, we were able to enjoy a water park because it was indoors! This indoor water park is awesome and the girls LOVE it!! So, we layered up, drove a half mile down the road and enjoyed the resort's indoor water park for the day!!

It was so weird to be swimming in an 84° water park and look up to see the snow on the windowed ceiling!!

Our pictures won't fully show how cool this water park was, because our kids wanted to do the same Froggy slide over and over....they were to afraid of the "big" slides.

Sisters...having fun together.

Matt's sister (Kim) and her daughter (Lily). Lilyann is SO pretty and has the bluest eyes.

Gigi taking it easy. She had a great time watching her 5 Great Grandchildren in the water!!

Madelin showing off her spunkiness before going down the slide!! This bathing suit was GREAT with the built in life vest, but it looked like she was a body builder up top!

Remember what I said about the Froggy slide? They really couldn't get enough of it.

This is little Michael. He has two ears.

Sisters. (Legally.)

Uncle Mike and Lily chilling.

Madelin and Daddy enjoying the lazy river.

Here's the whole family...the whole lazy family.

The day was GREAT!!

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Mom Mom said...

Wow looks like a lot of fun. Glad you are having a good time. I love you,
Mom Mom