Saturday, February 06, 2010

Vacation Day 2:: Playing in the Snow!!

Today, we all chilled and relaxed in our Vacation home. In the afternoon, the "Big" kids, Kayden, Michael, and Michaela went outside to play in the snow with Uncle Mike, Aunt Kim, and Matt. GiGi stayed in with Lilly and I stayed in with Madelin, plus, I snuck in a little reading time too =)

Above, Michaela is with Aunt Kim riding the elevator down to go outside and build a snowman.

Michaela had such a good time playing with her cousins!! Kayden (above and 5 years old), enjoyed hanging out in the snow!! The cousins have been playing so nicely together!!!

Uncle Mike, Kayden, Michaela, Aunt Kim, and Michael together in the snow!

Kayden, Michaela, and Michael eating the snow!

Today, was fun, and we have more fun to come!!!


Unknown said...

I love Kim's hair!!! What gorgeous curls! Her and Michaela look very similar!

Whatcha readin' Melissa???? Do tell!

Mom Mom said...

I have to agree with Joy, Michaela and Kim look a lot alike. I had never seen that before. I am glad Michaela is having such a good time. I miss her though. Love you MJ and Madelin too.