Sunday, February 14, 2010

Our Last Vacation Day!!!

It was such a blessing to spend a whole week with Matt's Grandmother, and his sister and her husband and 3 kids. On our last day together, we made sure to get a group shot of Gigi with all her great grandchildren!!

Gigi, you are LOVED dearly!! Since we took you to the airport this morning, the girls keep asking for you!! I can't thank you enough for traveling across country to spend time with us! You are so sweet and we love you!!!

Here are the 5 kiddos that hung out all week. Aren't they just darling? It was cool to see how they all just meshed so easily even though they haven't spent much time together in the past. You can tell they are related!! Kayden, Michael, and Lilly, you 3 are awesome children!! Kim, I want you to know that I respect you as a Mom, wife, and friend!! Your parents must be beaming with joy from heaven, watching you be the godly woman that you have grown up to be!! I love you and wish we lived closer! Mike, you are a first class guy and Kim is blessed to have you as her husband!! We love you all!!!

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