Sunday, February 14, 2010

Kate's 30th Birthday Party!!!!

Here is Roger and Kate!! Kate's parents threw her a 30th birthday party! The evening was a blast, with great food and plenty of time to bust a move on the dance floor!!!!

Kate and I!!! Her dress ROCKED!!! It was PERFECT!! We had a great time shopping for it and knew as soon as we saw this Red dress, that it was the perfect one for her party! Kate, you know I love you!! I am so thankful to have you as a friend! And in case it wasn't obvious at the party, Matt and I had a GREAT time!!!

The Benton's and Kierstead's, friends from church and our tablemates at the party!

The Davis' and the Ousdahls!! I think the 4 of us kept the Dancing going all night!! Roger, you gave Matt a run for his money out there, and Kate, I LOVED your Michael Jackson moves!!

A group shot!! (well, mostly everyone, I think the person taking the picture missed a few people on the edges!) The only bummer about this evening was that our dear friends, Mike and Joy, weren't able to come because they were sick!!! We really did miss you two and would've had a whole other level of fun with you guys there!!! Maybe, we can all do this again...who turns 30 next?????

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