Friday, February 05, 2010

Happy Birthday, Gigi!!!

Matt's Grandmother flew in from California, yesterday...on her birthday!!! Matt picked her up from the airport and then took her out on a birthday dinner date -- just the 2 of them. We were all waiting back at our house with streamers, cake, and birthday wishes for Gigi! (what the girls call her.)

Gigi was SO surprised and thrilled! Michaela made her a door-knob hanger, which Gigi loved! We had a good time celebrating and took off for Virginia a few hours later, so we could beat the SNOW BLIZZARD and still get to our mountain destination to hang out with Matt's sister and her family and Gigi for a week!!

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Unknown said...

So glad you guys made it there safely! Happy Birthday Gigi! I love that name! I'd like to be called that someday! I think my odds are good, eh? =)