Saturday, February 06, 2010


With all the Snow still falling down, we enjoyed Family time for our first night on vacation! After the 5 kiddos were all put to bed, Matt, Kim, Mike, Grandma, and I played Flashmatch! (pictured above and below).

Matt has been talking about this game A LOT for the past few weeks. It is a game that he remembers playing as a family when he was little, so he decided to purchase it from Amazon so we all could play it together. It was SO COOL to watch Matt and his sister, Kim, all excited over recalling all the good memories they had from playing this game years ago.

I must say that the two of them enjoyed it MUCH MORE than Mike and I. To be honest, I didn't even play this time. (I had played a few rounds with Matt at home, the day the game arrived and it didn't really tickle my fancy.) I don't think many people know about this game. They only made it 1 year, back in the 80's. You watch a video of all these images on the screen and then, when the clip is over, you have to match up the cards in front of you with the ones you just saw. Anyway, there is a little more to it, but that's about it.

So, you might be wondering what I did while they were playing? Well, look below...I enjoyed a cup of tea!! (Thanks, Mandi, for telling me about this kind...delicious!!!) Oh, and I also took pictures so I could blog about it =) Plus, I enjoyed watching my hubby enjoy something he remembers doing with this parents!!


Mandi said...

So glad you like it!! I just finished a cup of it myself! :) Loving the pictures!

Unknown said...

Mandi, I will have to try it! I heard chamomille is good for the nerves...there is no school tomorrow, perhaps I should run out and buy some now?

Matt said...

Two comments about stupid tea and nothing about the coolest game in the world? Ridiculous!