Friday, February 12, 2010

Daddy found Bear-Bear!!!!!!!!

This morning, as we were packing up from our week vacation, Daddy found Bear-Bear!!! Daddy is our HERO!!!! I looked EVERYWHERE this week!! And I mean, everywhere!! The one place I did not think to look, was where Bear-Bear was laying for a whole week! He was right under Madelin and she didn't even realize it!!! And I literally, mean right under her!!! Matt was folding up the Pac-n-play where Madelin slept every night and he called me in to show me his discovery....Bear-Bear under the mattress part of the Pac-N-Play!! Why didn't I think to look there???? I looked under the entire pac-n-play, but never lifted the mattress. I mean, don't you think we would've noticed a lump?? Anyway, we were THRILLED to find him!! It was a joyous time!! Madelin was so excited, greeted Bear-Bear and then hugged him and bit his ear, like she always does!! (I am sorry these pictures were fuzzy...I grabbed the camera real quick to get her first reaction and the camera was still set on a previous setting...oh well.)

Now, we have 3 bear-bears!!!! Thanks, Daddy!!!!


Unknown said...


We have thought we lost things a few times packing up from Grammy Ann's its always fun to see where things turn up! So glad you found him and now you have three...just don't bring any to my house, just kidding. =)

Mom Mom said...

Yea Madelin, glad you found bear bear. You are the sweetest thing, I love you,
Mom Mom