Thursday, January 28, 2010

Per Michaela's Request:

The other night while MJ was settling down for bedtime in her room, she was drawing on her old Elmo counting book. After she drew the above picture, she came running into our room, insisting that we take a picture of her holding her artwork. So, I did =) Once the picture was taken, she then asked me to post the picture on the blog! So, here I am doing just that...Why? Because my beautiful daughter was so proud of it and asked me to.

MJ, I love you always and am your Biggest FAN and will always support you!! P.S. I love your is art to me!

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Mom Mom said...

What a beautiful picture and what a beautiful little girl. You are a breath of fresh air and make me smile all over. I love you bunches, and bunches.
Mom Mom