Sunday, January 10, 2010

MJ's Christmas Party at Pre-school!

Matt and I were both able to go to Michaela's Christmas Party at Preschool. He went to the first half, since I had to take Madelin to Gymboree and I met up with them for the second part of the party. Michaela made a Beautiful Christmas Wreath, as shown above. We hung it up as soon as we got home!

Here is Natalie, Michaela's closest friend, holding up her wreath!

Michaela smiling for Daddy!

Here, Michaela is giving Mrs. MacDonald her Christmas gift! She LOVED it!

And, here Michaela is giving Mrs. Norris her Christmas gift! She loved it too =)

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Mom Mom said...

I hope those teachers know how lucky they are to have Michaela in their class. She is a sweetheart. I love the picture of her smiling.
I love you,
Mom Mom