Saturday, January 30, 2010

Joy, Me, and Coach

This is a shot of Joy and I at the Coach store in Lancaster, PA. This year, her family joined in on our family's annual after Christmas Lancaster trip. It was a blast to have them join us! They are like family to us and we love them!

Joy and I went to Coach in pursuit for Joy to find the perfect Coach bag for her...I was there for opinion, support, and clear, practical thinking ; ) Joy finally found her coach bag, and to document our fun, we snapped a picture.


Unknown said...

What a fun day! (And so glad we got this picture...I need to frame it!) You are such a good friend. Thanks for not laughing as I searched and agonized over the perfect bag! (And for talking me out of swaping it out as I worried if it was too big). It is PERFECT (as long as I don't keep it on my right shoulder too much ha ha). This was a great trip, thanks for including our family! We love you guys!

Unknown said...

P.S. After waiting for a coach forEVER I still can't believe I walked into a 50% sale and then an additonal 20% off! ...With prices like that maybe Mike will let us make it an annual tradition. =)