Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Delaware Museum of Natural History

Saturday, all Museums in DE were free =) So, out we headed to the Delaware Museum of Natural History!! We had a good time.

Madelin was terrified to walk across the glass floor, even after she observed Mommy and Michaela walk across it just fine. After awhile, she very cautiously took her first step on the glass and then hurried across. It was cute to watch!

Michaela touching a Real Fossil that is supposedly 25 million years old...Please! I don't think so. It is not that old.

One of the cutest things Madelin says now is, "Mommy, I hold you!" She says this to ask me to hold her...it is SO DARN CUTE!!

The Museum had 2 REALLY awesome climbing trees out front. I love how Madelin is looking up at MJ in this picture to see if she should be scared or not =)

After building some confidence, Madelin sat on the branch all by herself. Here she is saying, "Look at me, Mommy."


Unknown said...

I love the pic of you and Madelin! You look so pretty, both of you! You should frame it.

This was such a fun day!

Chic-fil-a again soon!!!!

Luv ya,

Anonymous said...

What beautiful pictures. Madelin and Michaela look so beautiful..I showed the girls in my class and they said my daughter and granddaughters are beautiful...I agree.