Friday, January 22, 2010

Curler Party!!!

Last Saturday night, it was Madelin's turn to spend the night at Mommom and Pappy's house, all by herself. So, with just having MJ at home, we decided to have a mini-party ourselves. Michaela has been dying to put curlers in her hair, ever since I told her how I used to wear them when I was younger and how I would help my Mommom put them in her hair whenever I spent the night. So, after hearing all that, Michaela asked if we could put curlers in our hair. A quick trip to Walmart, provided our curlers, and then, we settled in for our Curler Party (the name MJ gave our evening.)

Daddy and MJ played Memory while I put curlers in MJ's hair. Then, I put some in mine and to be SUPER SILLY, Daddy put a few in his hair for our picture! (Don't worry, Daddy didn't keep his in past the picture!)

Michaela really enjoyed the curlers. She didn't fuss at all, not even the next morning, when I had to take them out! She LOVED her curly hair and can't wait to do it again.

So, MJ's first time using Curlers and having a Curling party was GREAT! We can't wait until Madelin's hair is long enough, so she can have curls too!

PS: ( I have such GREAT memories of my Mom putting curlers in my hair, when I was younger. We would curl my hair for picture day, singing at church, special parties, and of course, Cheerleading competitions!! Thanks, Mom! )


Mom Mom said...

Too cute, I am glad you had a good time at your "curler party". Your hair sure looked great the next day. I love your smile in this picture.
I love you,
Mom Mom

Unknown said...

This is too funny! I should have Jake print it and bring it to youth group! Just least "daddy" wore blue curlers!!!

Mandi said...

I love it!! I laughed so hard when I scrolled down and saw Matt! :) Looks like you guys had so much fun! What a great idea!

Anonymous said...

Where are the pictures of the results?! (Anna)

Marlene said...

I remember the foam curlers :) What fun!! But I don't remember my DAD wearing them . . . :) lol