Sunday, January 10, 2010

Christmas Shots from Around our Home

I have a lot of Blogging catch up to do...I am hoping to get it all done today =) With my Grandparents in town, and my parents off from work over the holidays, we enjoyed a lot of quality family time, which put computer time way down on my list. Then, once the holidays were over, I got a stomach bug, a few days later, MJ caught it, and now, I am sick again. After resting all day Friday and Saturday, today I am still taking it easy, but am starting to feel more like myself...thank goodness for antibiotics, and great family support to let me rest.

I have been enjoying my New Cannon Rebel Camera, that Matt surprised me with for Christmas! I have been wanting a nice camera and am SO happy to have one. I have A LOT to learn, but for now, the camera takes great pictures regardless =)

This first picture is one that I took in Manual. This was the 1st Christmas that we used my Mommom's Christmas dishes. My Mom bought them for my Mommom like 6 years before she passed away, and Mommom LOVED them. Now, I have them and LOVE them.

Remember I said that the girls enjoyed putting stuffed animals and princesses on the tree this year...well, here is another shot showing 4 princesses balancing on our ornaments. The Red Front Door ornament was a big hit with the girls, they loved to go up to it and "knock" on the front door.

This is a shot of 2 of our stockings and our tree top. I think this was taken on the first day I got my camera. Matt gave it to me a few days before Christmas, so I would be able to use it over the Holidays. Our tree topper is the one that my parents bought to use their first Christmas, but they were never able to use it because it wouldn't fit. They kept it every year because they loved it and it was special to them. Now we have been using it for about 2 years now and LOVE it!!

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