Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Danielle's Princess Party

Saturday, Michaela went to Danielle's 4th Birthday party. It was a Mother-Daughter Princess Theme Party. We had a BLAST! Above, Michaela is standing with Autymn and Danielle, two of her very close friends that she has grown up with!

All the Little Princesses gathered on the couch!

Michaela and Me...Mother-Daughter Princesses! As I mentioned earlier, that party was Mom and Daughter, so Mom's had to dress up as well. So, here I am in my Wedding Tiara and my 10th grade High School Homecoming dress!!!! It was fund to dress up like a Princess! My girls LOVED seeing me all dressed up, so that was neat!

The party was only for 4 year olds, so Madelin had to stay home. Michaela was SO CONCERNED about the fact that Madelin couldn't join us and would miss out on all the fun, which I thought was so sweet of MJ. Madelin wanted to dress up too, so she wore Belle and felt special while she watched me get ready. She stayed home with Daddy and kept Belle's costume on. So, when MJ and I returned, we took a picture of all 3 of us as Princesses!!!

Michaela, I love your sweet spirit. Thanks for being a GREAT Big Sister for Madelin. Girls, I love watching you to interact. You two have SO MUCH FUN together and it is a JOY to watch your sisterly bond grow!


Unknown said...

I still can't believe you fit into your dress from tenth grade?!!? Impressive!

Anonymous said...

That is great that you can still wear that gown. Guess we got our money's worth...ha ha. All of you girls look so beautiful.
I love you,
Mom Mom

Mandi said...

I remember when we went shopping for that dress! Who knew that you'd be wearing it again 13 years later!! The fact that you still fit into it kind of sickens me. ;)